People look to lose weight for any number of reasons. Some people simply struggle to maintain a healthy weight and fight a constant battle with obesity. Some receive doctor’s orders to lose weight for health reasons. Others are just looking to shed a few pounds to get back to their desired weight (as with postpartum weight).

Whatever the reason, weight loss rarely comes easily, and often leaves people frustrated and unsuccessful. There are plenty of diet plans and extreme workout plans out there, but at the end of the day, successful weight loss involves burning more calories than you eat and exercising regularly.

However, along with the hard work involved in weight loss, there are often many helpful steps you can take to help you along the way. One of those steps is drinking detox teas.

Detox teas have become pretty popular with several celebrities, and have caused a lot of speculation as to their actual effectiveness, but this is probably due to the misconception that the tea is a permanent weight loss solution in and of itself. Taken as a supplement to weight loss though, it can be an incredibly effective addition to your diet and exercise plan.

Detox tea is helpful in that it can often provide the kickstart people are looking for, which then gives them the impetus to keep going on their weight loss journey. It can also help people overcome those pesky weight loss plateaus that sometimes occur.

One hindrance to weight loss is a slow metabolism. Anyone who has tried to lose weight after 30 can attest to things slowing down and becoming increasingly more difficult as you age.

Detox teas often contain certain ingredients, namely caffeine, which can raise your metabolic rate. When you’re metabolic rate goes up, your body is able to burn more calories, even when you aren’t active. Caffeine also increases your adrenaline levels, which can assist in fat break down.

Another reason detox tea can be an effective aid in weight loss is that it is a naturally low caloriedrink, meaning you are not only targeting toxin-removal and energy boosting, but you are also just keeping your calorie count lower by replacing certain drinks or snacks with your tea.

Ways to Use Detox Tea

Use It To Replace Other Drinks or Snacks

A great time to drink your detox tea is in the morning with a light breakfast. Replacing your morning coffee with tea can start your day off with a natural digestive aid, as well as increase feelings of fullness after breakfast. If you’re prone to snacking, this can help to curb that tendency in the hours following your first meal.

While it’s certainly important to make sure you are getting enough calories, it can often be very difficult to cut back significantly on food intake, especially if you are used to overeating on a regular basis.

One way to combat this is to drink a cup of tea to combat cravings and take away those false hunger pangs created by unhealthy snacking habits. Late afternoon and late evening are often very tempting snacking times. 

Replace your typical go-to snack with a cup of detox tea and you’ll find that it satisfies hunger and improves digestive health.

We all know that it’s important to drink plenty of water during the day, and that’s true! But it can also become boring for some people, especially if you’re used to grabbing a soda or latte. Packing a thermos of detox tea and bringing it with you to work or school can give you a healthier option than your typical go to drink and contribute to ongoing weight control.

Use It With Intermittent Fasting

Detox teas are often used in conjunction with intermittent fasting, a weight loss method that has gained some traction and has been scientifically proven to improve cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health.

There are many ways to use intermittent fasting to aid weight loss. The 5:2 diet is one, in which a person eats normally five days a week but eats less than 500 calories the other two days. Another is to simply consume all of your calories within an eight hour span of the day, and fast the other 16 hours (about half of that time is spent sleeping).

Detox teas are a great way to supplement your fasting plan, providing nutrient-rich, low caloriedrinks to your fasting days or hours.

Use It To Kickstart Weight Loss by Reducing Water Weight

One of the main reasons detox teas are often praised for their results is because they can kickstart weight loss by significantly reducing water weight in the body. When certain eating habits (particularly involving additives or high salt content) are combined with not getting enough water it can lead to retention of water weight. Detox teas, combined with increasing water intake, as well as liquid-rich foods (fruits, vegetables, smoothies), are a great way to begin a weight loss journey.

As you increase water intake, your body will produce greater amounts of urine and sweat, and flush unnecessary fluids out. In response, there is the potential to drop a few pounds, as well as reduce bloating and swelling.

Use It As Directed and Listen to Your Body

One reason people may find detox teas to be unhelpful, or even harmful, is they don’t use the tea as directed, and aren’t familiar with all of its nutritional facts before drinking it. If you intend to add detox teas to your weight loss plan, make sure you read the instructions and warnings before drinking it on a regular basis. 

You should also listen to your body. Many detox teas are diuretics. This isn’t a bad thing, but if you find that you experience stomach discomfort you’ll want to adjust how much tea you’re drinking and make sure you’re drinking enough water.

Types Detox Tea

When you hear “detox tea” it may just sound like a vague term for a certain kind of tea, but actually there is a wide variety of detox teas available that are meant to serve different purposes.

Colon Cleanse

There are detox teas meant to cleanse the colon. These take all of the toxins that build up over time and flush them out of the system. Not only is this great for your healthy, it often causes a little kickstart for your weight loss.

Energy Boost

There are detox teas meant to boost energy. This can be especially helpful as you are beginning the long progress of increasing exercise. An energizing tea can be just the help you need to get up and go when you’re tempted to stay in and sit.

Weight Loss Aid

There are also detox teas that do have the express purpose of helping with weight loss. This doesn’t mean they should be used as a standalone weight loss solution, but they are designed specifically to be a helpful aid in your weight loss journey. 

This Skinny Tea combines natural ingredients and is intended to be your morning drink that helps you wake up! It doesn’t have a laxative effect, which means you don’t have to worry about having that second cup!

Detox Mask

Tea isn’t just for detoxing the body internally. It can also be used to detox the skin. A This Green Tea Detox Mask is made up of all natural ingredients and it removes blemishes, clears pores, and leaves the skin feeling brand new. When you feel better about how you look, it compels you to continue taking care of all areas of the body.


Detox teas are used appropriately, to improve overall healthy, add important nutrients to your diet, help keep calories down, and flush toxins out of the body, they can be an incredibly effective aid in weight loss. And who doesn’t want a little extra help losing weight?

Check out our 30:7 Detox Plan, which can be used in conjunction with diet and exercise to improve overall health. It will take you through three separate detoxes, with 7 day breaks between.

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