Oct 23rd-28th Menu

Here is the menu for October 23-28th ! Make any specifications to menu at checkout!

Chicken salad wrap, baked chicken with mashed potatoes, and broccoli'

Mediterranean pasta salad with Tuna, Feta, and cherry tomatoes.

Cajun Shrimp and chicken bowl w/brown rice.

Baked pork chops w/roasted sweet potatoes and collard greens, corn muffins

Hamburger steak w/onion mushroom gravy, roasted red potatoes and green beans

Pesto Chicken pita pockets.

Jerk chicken w/black beans and rice.

Philly cheese steak sloppy joes.

TexMex bowls and taco salads. 

Pizza chicken w/spaghetti squash and mixed green salad.




Happy Eating,

Exersize Fitness Family

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