Introducing Fit & Delicious Meals !

I know how much I love a good home cooked meal and how much money I spend on fast food that I regret eating moments later. Growing up in Louisiana we learned what good food was and how to create it. Most of us work and were forced to buy fast food because of the hours we work, and if you get off late thats all thats open. Lets face it there's not many healthy options or options at all. We know the struggle and that's why we will be preparing healthy delicious meals each week available for purchase. You have the option to avoid fast food and enjoy healthy & great  tasting food daily with the tap of a button. Purchases are made for weekly orders. This means when you purchase your package you're purchasing an entire week of meals, if its 2 meals a day for the entire week or 3 meals a day fro only 5 days a week. the choice is yours. Check in each week on Saturday to see the upcoming weeks menu. All orders need to be placed by end of day Sunday. We are so excited to have you as apart of the Exersize Fitness Family.